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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hear me roar...or, at least, shout a little

When I got into work today, two e-mails sat stewing in my inbox. I like e-mail. It's like a little ether-gift to people who don't like to talk on the phone. These e-mails, though, were a little odd (not quite as odd as the one of Barney singing Tupac, but that's another story for another day--by the way, thanks Marty).

Both e-mails were from good friends.

Here's the first.

I am Todd. That's bad news for you. You are not Todd.
If, for some reson, you were to become Todd, that would be good for you.
I the meantime, you are not TODD.

Todd is Great
Todd is Good
Todd is God!

I read this one first. I responded as best as I could, that I'm Otis and I understand I'm not Todd. The metaphysical and theological questions posed by such an e-mail are many, but my mind isn't functioning on that level this morning.

At one time I considered myself a pretty good read of what my friends are thinking. In the past eleven months, I've discovered I don't know what anybody is thinking (unless I'm sitting at a poker table, of course).

I discarded the e-mail and moved on through the inbox, where eventually I ran across this one.

Dear Otis,

I am G-Rob. I just wanted you to know and remember that. And I am awesome, wouldn't you say? G-Rob...awesome guy...that's me.

Awesome...I mean, G-Rob.

I didn't respond to this one. The message is not uncommon for G-Rob, although I don't think he likes himself as much as he says he does.

Curiously, upon further investigation I discovered that Todd actually wrote the G-Rob note, and they both collaborated on the Todd note.

That sounds about right.

Even if it wasn't their intention, the notes got me thinking about myself, why I've developed a reputation for self deprication, and why I don't write more notes to people declaring "I am Otis and I rule!"

The other day, Mrs. Otis and I were riding down the road and I said of poker, "It's the first thing in my life that I actually feel like I do well."

Strangely, she encouraged such a line of thought. She's good to me that way.

Of course, she thinks I do a lot of things well. She's good to me that way, too.

So, in an effort to proclaim I'm actually decent at something, I'll brag a little bit.

I just got published in a national poker magazine (got the cover story, in fact). Unfortunately, it appears All IN magazine is only available to subscribers. Still, it was a pretty neat feeling to see my work in glossy print.

So, there.

Note: CJ has scanned the entire article. You can find it, for a limited time, at our poker blog Up For Poker.


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