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Thursday, March 15, 2007

HDTV (W-H-Y-?)

Mt. Otis is technologically sound. Within the short time it would take to tour both floors of the home, you would find four operational computers, two iPods, various stereo equipment, speaker systems that allow me to listen to my music anywhere on my property, satellite radio, a TV satellite with more channels than I've ever seen, four digital cameras, four digital camera lenses, several cordless phones with digital answering services, and enough remote controls (should I give them to charity) to keep the homeless in their lazyboys for the next decade.

I use this technology well. My PC has a 24-inch monitor with picture-in-picture and will display any of my satellite TV channels in the corner of the screen while I work. I have outdoor speakers on my deck so I can listen to my iPod while I tend to the grill. I have wireless speakers that I can carry anywhere and set up for easy listening. I have Bose QC3s for when I want to listen to music and nothing else. I have a cellular phone that will work just about anywhere in the world. I have a wireless broadband card for my laptop so I can work just about anywhere in the U.S. My wife's new car has a DVD player, drop down screen, satellite radio, and a electric plug in. That means, should the whim strike us, we could load the kid in the car with a bunch of DVDs, and while he is watching the DVD on a set of wireless headphones in the back, we could listen to XM radio in the back while we drive. Further, should I need to use my laptop, I could plug it into the electric outlet and use my broadband card to access the Internet while we cross the country. Next thing you know, my work-week is over and we're at Wally World.

Reading back over this, it all sounds pretty excessive, especially in light of the fact that I've long considered myself a Luddite. Still, we use everything we have here and are quite happy to have it.

In the past few weeks, I've had more than a few people ask me whether I have HDTV. In each case, I laughed and said, "Well, no. Do you?" It seemed a silly idea. Last I head, I'd have to auction my wife on the Internet if I wanted to watch a few high-def channels on TV. And while I'm a liberal thinker, I don't want to give any of my well bank-rolled friends a shot at my wife just because they know how to use an auction sniping service.

"You have no idea," my friend T said one night.

"What do you mean I have no idea?" I said. I like a clear picture and all, but I'd rather spend my money on other things.

"Have you ever seen a football game in high-def?" Badblood asked one night.

"Can't say I have," I said, almost completely disinterested.

The subject came up at a poker game a few nights later. Someone again brought up HD and I rolled my eyes.

"You must not watch much sports on TV," a guy said, clearly making it a point to further emasculate me.

Thing is, I do. I subscribe to NFL Sunday ticket and watch as many games as possible. March Madness is on TV right now. I'm no sports expert, but I enjoy watching games as much as the next guy.

Fearing I might protest too much, I finally just shut up.

I have three TVs in my home, only one of which gets watched very much. It's a 32-inch flat screen that I bought several years ago after my wife told me I couldn't buy one any larger.

"I will not have a TV as the focal point of my living area," she protested.

[This space left for you to wrap you head around that one for a second.]

I currently have no plans to buy a new TV. If things don't change, I should like be able to acquire (notice, I didn't say buy) this TV by the end of the year. However, I'm not really itching for it, and if it wasn't going to be essentially free, I probably wouldn't bother.

I guess I just don't get it. When people tell me about their HD experience, I look at them much in the same way they look at me when I tell them about my Ecco shoes. The HD converts get such a glazed, orgasmy look about them that I almost think they bought their set from Jim Jones' ghost.

Me, I haven't just bought into it yet. If that makes me a woman, then sign me up for the Internet booty auction. Maybe they'll broadcast my exploits in HD.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, of course we've bought into it. We have 3 HD's, however one does not. We a 37" Dell LCD HD built-in, we have it in our family room in the basement hooked up to surround for all of our Netflix watching. We have another in the bedroom that is HD Ready, thus we needed a converter. We another in the guest (aka sick or don't bother me room) this one is HD Ready also, but no converter only analog signal. This said, we also canceled our Cable subscription, because I was tired of paying for commercials and TV we never watch during the day. Now, we did have a regular antenna installed in the attic to get all the FREE HD viewing we wanted, since most of the shows are now broadcasted in HD or at least ED. What's even better is that some of the channels have one or more substations. We get at least 22 channels. There was some withdraw, but after not paying for cable that soon passed. Next, bring on solar and wind power-FB


7:25 PM  
Blogger Zippy said...

I watch so little TV anymore it would almost not be worth it to even replace the one I have now (except as a Xander amusement device--and I don't think there's a Little Einsteins HD feed)

9:05 PM  
Blogger BadBlood said...

I translated this entry into the following analogy:

"So, have you ever had two chicks at once?"

"No, never tried. I don't see the appeal."

"Trust me, it's worth it."

"Nah...I'm happy with my missionary position."


8:24 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

When I die, I plan to be buried in my Ecco shoes.

As for the HD thing - I can take it or leave it. It would be nice to have, but it's not a big priority for me. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole DVR thing.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once you watch the NFL in HD, you will never go back. I never wanted it until I had and now I can't watch 'normal' tv.

Although Blood's analogy is pretty perfect if you ask me.

1:56 PM  
Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

This horse gets me from place to place just fine, I don't need no stinking automobile.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sure it's like not wearing a condom. man it feel's good and you won't do it with one after you've had it without. I'll keep wearin' a rubber, thanks. uncle b

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Uncle Ted said...

It reinvents the way you watch TV. Seriously.

SD Loser.

9:30 PM  
Blogger BuckeyeTimmy said...

You'll buy in. And you'll still be a woman.

2:28 AM  
Blogger Maigrey said...

I watched the superbowl on it last year, and gosh, it shure was purty.

My issue is the amount of cash on a HD #$@#$ Tivo that i'd have to spend.

11:34 PM  

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